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Massage Services:

Aromatherapy Massage:
A relaxing massage using aromatherapy and heated towels to leave your body and mind feeling rested.
1/2 hour:  $50, 1 hour:  $90, 1 1/2 hours:  $110, 2 hours:  $145

Warm Bamboo MassageBamboo Body Massage
Experience the luxury of warm bamboo sticks for an exotic, deeply relaxing full body experience.  Our bamboo is warmed and used directly on the skin with lotion or oil.  Come in and cozy up with a warm bamboo massage.  This treatment is a beautiful combination of heated bamboo tools with massage.  The bamboo canes are gently rolled, kneaded and glided over the body in a rhythmic motion, melting away muscular tension.  The bamboo provides a balancing and harmonizing effect leaving you in an extreme state of relaxation.  This massage can be tailored to your needs, providing either a light relaxation or deep therapeutic experience, and can also include relaxing or invigorating essential oils.
1/2 hour:  $50, 1 hour:  $90, 1 1/2 hours:  $110, 2 hours:  $145
(1/2 hour for feet/hands in chair / 1 hour or more on table)
Bamboo Foot/Hand Massage 20 min. Add-On:  $40

ABMP11_9.jpgChair Massage:  Create an oasis of relaxation in the midst of your busy office environment.  Find out more about making On-Site Chair Massage part of your standard operating procedures.  Chair Massage is also offered in our clinic. Massage to the neck, back, arms and hands can increase circulation and return energy levels.
15 mins.:  $25   On-Site:  Call for fee.

Couples MassageCouples Massage:
Enjoy a massage together in the same room with two therapists.  Share the experience together.  Enjoy getting a massage at the same time.
Price based per person per service plus $10 per person for room set up fee.
To schedule this service, please call to schedule your appointment rather than scheduling this online.


ScalpMassage.jpgFace and Scalp Massage

A calming, yet rejuvenating treatment that focuses on the scalp and face that will help to reduce tension and increase circulation leaving you feeling energized and relaxed.   A special hair and scalp hydrating elixir may be added before the Face and Scalp Massage.   NOTE: Elixir is a leave-in treatment to wash out at home. 
20 minutes:  $30     WITH ADDED BLISS ELIXIR:  $40

Hand_Massage.jpgFeet/Hands Paraffin Dip:

Helps to relieve stiffness and pain. Stimulates local circulation and very hydrating to the skin. 
30 minutes:  $50     20 minute Add-On
:  $40


Hellerwork Structural Integration: 
1/2 hours:  $110

ad_use_hot_stone_massage.jpgHot Stone Massage: 
By massaging with hands and the deep penetrating heat of smooth, basalt stones, tightness often caused by stress and tension is loosened. 

1/2 hour:  $50, 1 hour:  $90, 1 1/2 hours:  $110, 2 hours:  $145
(1/2 hour for feet/hands in chair / 1 hour or more on table)
Hot Stone Foot/Hand Massage 20 min. Add-On:  $40

Pregnancy & Post Partum Massage.JPGPregnancy/Post-Partum Massage: 
Helps relieve the normal discomforts of pregnancy.  This special time in your life brings its own unique joys.  And some aches and pains you may never have experienced before.  Have no worries, you're in good hands with your Prairielands Chiropractic Clinic therapist.  Especially trained for this modality, your therapist will settle you into a safe, secure and restful position.  Then gently ease away all of the stress and strain in your body.  
1/2 hour:  $38, 1 hour:  $75

Reflexology Massage: 
Reflexology is the basis of traditional Eastern massage.  The principal behind reflexology is the ancient Chinese technique of using pressure points to relax and heal the body.  It is believed that certain points on the feet and hands correlate to organs throughout the body.  And by applying pressure to these points it could reduce or even eliminate pain in the body.  1/2 hour Reflexology Massage is done on a special reflexology chair in a fully reclined position and you remain fully clothed throughout the reflexololgy session.  The massage begins with a warm foot bath infused with pure, therapeutic essential oils or epsom salt while your hands receive their reflexology treatment.  Then, your feet receive reflexology.  You leave feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated.  The 1 hour, 1 1/2 hour, and 2 hour Reflexology service begins with a foot soak in a chair, then moving to a massage table to receive feet/hand reflexolgoy.  Reflexology Add-On excludes foot soak.
1/2 hour in reflexology chair:  $50, 1 hour on table:  $90, 1 1/2 hours on table:  $110
Reflexology Massage 20 min. Add-On:  $40


Swedish Massage:
This is the perfect massage to relieve the stress and tightness caused by your hectic life.  Blending Swedish and circulatory massage strokes, your therapist will gently knead your muscles to increase flexibility, stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. Your body will feel suppler and you can return to your busy schedule refreshed and rejuvenated.
1/2 hour:  $38, 1 hour:  $75, 1 1/2 hour:  $90, 2 hour:  $125

ABMP08_40.jpgDeep Pressure Upgrade:  
Light to medium pressure is applied for all of our massages.  During the first ten minutes of your massage, your massage therapist will inquire about the pressure being applied and if you would like, you may upgrade to deeper pressure for an additional cost.
If your lifestyle involves sports or you're deeply stressed, this massage upgrade was designed to really loosen you up.  This challenging massage focuses on specific areas for deeper relief using slow stroke techniques.  The Deep Pressure massage will leave you feeling deeply appreciative of the talented hands of your Prairielands Chiropractic Clinic therapist.  Deeper pressure is good for those who typically request a deeper, firmer massage.

$20 added to massage

Maintenance Wellness Massage Packages:
These may be purchased at the front desk and may also be given as a Gift Certificate.


Buy 3 prepaid massages (same monetary value), and get 1 free.  May be shared with family members in same household.  Must be used within three months.

Buy 5 prepaid massages (same monetary value), and get 1 free.  May be shared with family members in same household.  Must be used within six months.

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